Croatian Mountain Rescue Service Strikes Again with Great Tourist Advice

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July 4, 2018 – The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service were one of the hits of last summer’s season, with their hilarious and innovative approach to tourist accident prevention. And they are back…

Tourists getting lost in the mountains, hiking with flip flops and without water, or sitting on a lilo and getting washed out to sea – the summer season is always a busy one for the heroes of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, as they are called on numerous occasions to rescue thoughtless tourists who find themselves in situations of danger through total lack of planning and thinking. 

CMRS started a very successful campaign of awareness last year, using humour to point out the avoidable situations that they encounter with tourists on a regular basis. The campaign was hugely successful, and it developed a cult following, as well as no doubt saving a life or two. 

And they are back for summer 2018, with this superbly worded list of advice for tourists contemplating getting themselves into those avoidable solutions. 



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