Meet the Authors

Paul Bradbury

A Brit who swapped the rain of his native Manchester for the sun of his adopted Hvar via Somalia, Paul had been living full-time in Croatia since 2003.

After various failed get-rich-quick ideas, he embarked on an online writing career, which although lots of fun, has yet to generate the mega-bucks his patient Croatian wife and two daughters are hoping for.

Author of Lebanese Nuns Don’t Ski and Lavender, Dormice and a Donkey Named Mercedes, as well as two guide books, Hvar: An Insider’s Guide and Split: An Insider’s Guide (the latter co-autored with Mila Hvilshoj), Paul embarked on an online tourism information project in late 2011.

Total Hvar soon expanded into Total Split, Total Inland Dalmatia and Total Munich, with Total Croatia News the latest and most ambitious project. The philosophy of the Total Project has always been simple and summarised in 5 words: Give People What They Want.

You can contact Paul on

Tash Pericic

Tash Pericic, hails from the land of the long white cloud – the beautiful Aotearoa, New Zealand for those of you who don’t get the reference. After managing restaurants in New Zealand, Australia and even a stint for Gordon Ramsay in London, Tash found herself tour-guiding on a boat in Croatia for a change of pace, which is where she met her husband and Captain – Mirko. Tash has since spent 5 years working on various boats as a tour guide and hostess around the Adriatic, as well as writing for Total Croatia News. With her passion and background in tourism, hospitality and sailing, she was the natural choice to become the Editor and Marketing Director for Total Croatia Sailing.

Sonja Babic

Freelance translator, English tutor, film & photography enthusiast, avid festivalgoer, chocolate fiend and an amateur philosopher. Born and raised in Zagreb, where she still lives. Sonja has recently obtained an MA degree in English and Russian, so her long, steep climb up the career ladder has only just begun. Her first professional baby step started in 2014 when she took up translating and localizing websites and Facebook applications (mostly into Russian) for a successful digital marketing company. Sonja enjoys reading, travelling, long walks and even longer naps. Her wide interests range from arts and culture to gardening and astronomy.

Daniela Rogulj

Daniela Rogulj was born to Croatian parents in the small, agricultural town of Fallbrook in San Diego, California. Having grown up with a rich Croatian culture, Daniela has never associated herself as American, but firstly Croatian (and Dalmatian!). With a few trips to the homeland under her belt before she had graduated high school, Daniela moved to San Francisco, California to pursue Political Science at San Francisco State University. After she achieved her Bachelor’s Degree, her dreams of being a Political Journalist fell short as she was quickly recruited into the ever growing tech industry that is very alive in San Francisco. Having worked at various tech start-ups and iPhone app companies, working on marketing and community management, Daniela decided to end her 6 year run in San Francisco and life in California and tried her hand at something new. After moving to and spending a few months in Nashville, Tennessee, fully involved in the music scene and blissfully in love with the city, Daniela was then given an opportunity to move to London and impulsively decided to jump at it. After spending 6 months in London getting quickly acquainted with a new country and lifestyle, Daniela decided to follow her newly retired parents to Croatia to receive her Croatian citizenship. Daniela happily lives in Split, is an avid futbol fan (go Hajduk), and likes to consider herself an ambassador for everything Croatian.

Tara Miranda

For Tara, her initial encounter with the Croatian coastline in the Summer of 2016 meant love at first sight. Naturally, it held a magnetic pull and she decided to plant her flag in Dalmatia, Split. A creative, go-getter she has a keen passion for travelling, adventure and all things sailing; with the centre of that passion gripped by the competitive sailing scene. In the past, Tara worked as crew on several race super-yachts and has attended world-renowned regattas in some of the most prestigious yacht race classes.

Nikolina Demark

Nikolina Demark – art historian, obsessed with architecture. Insatiable consumer of words, food and pop culture. Spends most of her time reading and writing, and just in case that wasn’t nerdy enough, organizes a pub quiz in her spare time. Lived in Zagreb for 9 years, moved back to her hometown of Rijeka because she missed the sea.

Igor Nobilo

Upon his return from five years of living in New York, Igor entered the Croatian media industry as a photojournalist and navigated it for 15 years. Throughout those years he created or joined projects involving festivals, workshops and other events. After five years as president of the Croatian Press Photographers Association, he went on to gain the title of first and only Permanent Court Expert on photography. He’s currently a commercial freelance photographer as well as a specialized photography tour guide in Croatia, available His language skills in English and French enable him to deliver quality translations for a variety of topics. Reach out to him via

Dragana Nikšić

Freelance translator, tourist guide and English teacher. Lover of all things English, Portuguese and French, a passionate DIY-er, a (very) amateur photographer, Potterhead and hoarder who likes to eat dark chocolate, drink good coffee, listen to David Bowie, read Terry Pratchett, and travel wherever she gets the chance to.

No published works yet, but the unpublished Harry Potter fan fiction should be released and blow everyone’s minds any day now.

Iva Tatic

Iva was born and raised in Zagreb, where she obtained a degree in chemistry. After a brief and not-quite-pleasant attempt of achieving a career in pharmaceutical industry, she decided to pursue a lifestyle of a freelancer, working on various projects mostly from home office. Those projects involve various translations, hosting two talk-shows on Croatian Radio 3, project evaluations and a lot of writing. Long-term plan includes living at least half of her time on the island of Korčula and enjoying a lot of great Croatian red wines while sitting on her terrace in good company.