"Deep Cleaning": BMW Ends Up in the Sea in Baška Voda

Walking along the waterfront and accidentally dropping your keys or your phone into the sea sounds like a micro-nightmare. It would probably ruin your afternoon, but it's not major enough to present a serious problem. After all, you can always put your phone in rice to get the moisture out. When you...

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Conceptual Design of Korčula's New Port Presented

A makeover for Korčula? As Glas Grada reported on the 22nd of July, 2017, Deputy Mayor Joško Cebalo participated in the presentation of the conceptual project of Korčula's new port at the City Hall of the City of Korčula, the Director of the County Port Authority, Vedran Leleković, welcomed...

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Project "Blue Bag" from Island of Krk Leads Effort to Keep the Sea Clean

The international conference "Waste in the Sea - Challenges and Solutions" was held in Split recently. The conference, which brought together many domestic and foreign experts, representatives of state institutions, activists and other interested parties, warned of the increasing number of...

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Lavender on Hvar: A Video Report of the 2017 Harvest at 6am on Top of the Island

Hvar is known as the Lavender Island. A video report on the recent lavender harvest on July 21, 2017.  It was hot. It was early. It was definitely worth it.  Stunning aromatic Hvar at 6am in the gorgeous lavender fields of Jadran Lazic. We have already written about the harvest here, and today the...

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Archaeologists Uncover 3500 Year Old Artefacts in Zadar Archipelago

It's a known fact the Croatian coast boasts a historical heritage dating back multiple millenia. The Adriatic waters still respresent a treasure trove of undiscovered archeological artefacts waiting to tell their stories of times that are long gone, and provide more insight into what life looked...

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Two Boats Collide in Kukljica, Three Injured

One boat drowned and three people were injured in a crash that occurred near Kukljica in the Zadar Channel around 1 P.M on Thursday, reports A sailboat with a Croatian flag and a speedboat with an Italian flag collided, injuring several people; one sailboat passenger, a 40-year woman...

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Tito's 'Galeb' Yacht and Sugar Refinery Palace in Rijeka Soon to be Restored

As funding for the large-scale project European Capital of Culture 2020 starts to slowly roll in, the City of Rijeka finally turns attention to some of its long neglected beauties: the former Sugar Refinery Palace, and Galeb, once the official yacht of Josip Broz Tito. The project aiming to restore...

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