Get Ready for Virtual Diving: Interactive 'Underwater Museum' to Open in Konavle

Have you ever wished to take a look around a fascinating underwater site, but couldn't bother to book a diving tour and mess with all that equipment? You might be in luck sooner than expected, as Croatia's about to get an attractive 'underwater museum'. What's with the quotation marks? Well, the new...

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Not Your Average Travel Guide: Picture Book About Krk Available in 4 Languages

We've all used a guidebook while travelling at some point of our lives. Event though they're meant to be informative and educational, in some cases, getting swamped with a large amount of historical facts about a certain place – often in a very small print and with narrow margins – can be a bit...

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Korčula Cafe Closes Because: "We Are Drunk"

You have to love the honesty! On Friday 22nd September 2017, a cafe on Korčula closed for possibly the best reason ever. I know a lot of restaurant owners, those I have seen recently have that jaded look of someone who has served, smiled and answered a million questions from thousands of tourists...

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Restaurant of the Week: Zinfandel Food and Wine Bar

It was only a matter of time before we featured Zinfandel Food and Wine Bar, one of Split’s leading restaurants and wine bars in the gastronomy scene. Zinfandel opened its doors in 2013 and has since paved the way in terms of service, gastronomy and showcasing Croatian wines. Their menu is focused...

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24 Hours in Zadar: Stroll the Streets with Us

Take a walk with me through one of the coolest and most beautiful cities in the world, even if I do say so myself... Ah, Zadar! One of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Croatia. It is definitely my favourite city on the Croatian coast and my second hometown. Of course, when I say it’s the...

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Yacht Charter Croatia: Peak-Season Discounts, Think Twice

We recently wrote about the rise in sojourn tax which will take effect in 2018 and the international backlash this has received. Now I want to turn your gaze in another direction – dramatically reduced prices. Surely this is a positive thing, correct? Not always. The summer of 2018 has been...

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Split: What's On This Weekend?

Did someone say Fri-Yay? Come take a look at what Split has in store for the weekend! If there is one thing we love about Split, it’s that there is always something unique, lively and colourful happening! Finding the information in English is not always so easy (that’s where we come in) but...

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