Swimmer Struck by Catamaran Propeller near Hvar, Has Leg Injured

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We don’t want to make a habit of reporting every single maritime incident on the Adriatic, but every now and then we try to remind you to take safety precautions at sea, no matter if you’re at the helm of a speedboat or swimming near one. An accident took place near Hvar earlier today, leaving one person injured. Thankfully, what could’ve had a much more tragic outcome turned out well, but only by chance.

On Sunday morning, the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) Rijeka received notice of a seriously injured swimmer in Borovna bay on the islet of Šćedar near Hvar, reports Jutarnji on August 14, 2017.

The MRCC reported the accident to the Port Authority Split and its branch office on Hvar, who sent out a team to the site immediately.

According to their official statement, the swimmer suffered a serious injury to his leg, but soon thereafter got preliminary treatment by an Austrian doctor who is staying in Croatia on holiday. As he was bleeding profusely, he was transferred to the Clinical Hospital Centre Split where he received medical treatment and is now out of any immediate life danger.

The investigation that was carried out on the site showed the accident happened around 11:00 when the swimmer in Borovna bay found himself in near vicinity of the catamaran ‘Lagosta’ whose propeller cut his leg. The reason why the injured individual was swimming so close to a sailing vessel hasn’t yet been established.



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