The World Cup Over, Time for Some Real Sport: Donkey Racing in Lumbarda, Korcula

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July 18, 2018 – The football is over, time for the serious sports to begin. The donkey racing season in Lumbarda on Korcula has kicked off!

I love the first few days on the Dalmatian coast after an international tournament like the World Cup. There is a wonderful relaxed energy as tourists move from being glued to television sets to the real reason for their arrival – chilling in Paradise. 

The football is quickly forgotten (although perhaps not quite this year, given the success of the Croatian team), and life goes from matters of global sporting importance to something decidedly more local. 

And if you are in Lumbarda in Korcula, that means donkey racing!


Never tried donkey racing? You haven’t lived! The first of three donkey race events in Lumbarda was held a couple of nights ago, and – as you can see from the attached pictures – it was an unqualified success. 

Two more races are planned this summer, on August 6 and August 27. Simply register your interest at the Lumbarda Tourist Board and let the fun begin. More information on the event Facebook page.

















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