Truffle Ice Cream and Other Gourmet Gems: Artichoke Wine Bar 2017 in Jelsa

A truly memorable ten days back in Jelsa. Easter really is my favourite time of year in that gorgeous town.  Easter of course is a time of joy, hope and rebirth, and walking around the town, one could sense that the majority of the works are now close to completion, and Jelsa should begin to shine...

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The Sunday Times: Croatia, Europe's Sexiest Island Hopping Break

Dubrovnik, Korcula, Hvar, Brac, Vis and Split - they are all gorgeous, according to The Times on April 16, 2017.  In India, it takes years of meditation to reach a sublime state of bliss. In Croatia, you can do it in a week or two. All you need is sunshine, a quiet pine-scrubbed cove, perhaps a...

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Top 5 'You Missed It' Moments of Sailing the Croatian Coast

I mean, I can't blame you. With 1,777km of coastline and 1,246 islands, it is more than easy to miss something magnificent while sailing the turquoise waters of the Croatian Adriatic. Of course, there are the renowned and ever-popular attractions; the breathtaking city of Dubrovnik with it's 16th...

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Za Krizen 2017 on Hvar: 6 Processions, 6 Videos

Arguably Hvar's most treausred tradition - the 500 year-old UNESCO 'Za Krizen' (Behind the Cross) procession finished just after 0700 on April 14, 2017. TCN was there through the night.  It is a procession we have written about a lot over the years, and this year's event even brought Croatian Prime...

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Easter on Hvar: Jelsa Tourist Board Guide to Holy Week

And there it is.  All the information about Holy Week on Hvar in one place, and in two languages. As far as I am aware, apart from our attempt to bring everything together last year this is the first time all this information has been made available officially in one place.  Bravo to the Jelsa...

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New for 2017! The 6 Hvar Beaches Speedboat Tour

Hvar beaches. Paradise. Internationally famous and among the very best places in Europe to be during the summer. But where are the best beaches, and how to find them? I am constantly in awe at the innovations of some tour operators, who manage to create great new programmes using the same...

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A Video Tour of Hvar Town... in 1972

Hvar Town has always been one of Croatia's most picturesque tourism destinations, and indeed it is the birthplace of organised tourism in Europe, an event which will turn 150 years next year after the founding of the Hvar Health Society.  And how tourism has changed over those 150 years, and it...

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