Sailing in Croatia: Summer in Zadar (video)

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Most videos that show what it’s like to go sailing in Croatia will serve you with a plethora of seductive images: unspoilt nature, hidden bays, beaches tucked away from the crowds.

They may show people partying on a boat or sailing along a couple of lovely historical towns on the coast. For example, we recently shared some jaw-dropping footage sent to us by our reader Marko, who sailed from Zadar to the islands of Kornati, Vis, Brač, Šolta and Žirje. A bunch of destinations with no obvious favourite to pick – you just have to hold on to your heart and try to get to the end of the video without booking a yacht right this minute.

Today we have another example, this one a bit more… cruel. Filmed by Zadar Tours & Excursions Terra Travel, the video mostly focuses on the lucky (oh so lucky) passengers who stopped for a break at one of the mentioned hidden bays. And you better believe they enjoyed every single moment at sea: diving into the perfect turquoise water, doing double flips and somersaults… Watching this is in equal parts a visual delight and sweet, sweet torture.

There’s more than enough time to plan a trip to Croatia before the end of the season – and if you’ve already been, you probably already know you’re coming back in summer 2018. Watch the video below:


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