Video: Reasons to Come Sailing in Croatia

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Reasons to come sailing in Croatia, summed up in 2.09 minutes.

After years sailing the Adriatic, I am still more in love with it than ever. Five years ago today, I first came to Croatia and began guiding on a boat. Little did I know, this Country would end up being my home and the Adriatic my ongoing love affair.

I loved everything about the boat life; being at sea, the stunning water, hidden bays, picturesque destinations… I continued to work on the Adriatic for the next five years and now I get to share my passion with the world.

So, it brings me no greater joy, than when someone else shares their love of Croatia with me. Yesterday I received a message from Borut Markelj, a Slovenian who has been sailing in Croatia. Last year he sailed From Zadar, through the Kornati Archipelago, Vis, Brač, Šolta and Žirje.

As more and more people are doing these days, ‘Marko’ made a video to capture the beauty of sailing in Croatia through his eyes and it is breathtaking.

Marko is returning to sail in Croatia this summer and plans on sailing from Central to South Dalmatia, from Split – Hvar – Brač – Korcčula and Lastovo.

He finished by commenting that every time they come to Croatia, they are so amazed by how clear and beautiful the water is. Me too Marko, it never gets old.

The video depicts some of the many reasons you should come sailing in Croatia

  • Nature and shifting landscapes
  • Adventure
  • To state the obvious – to sail
  • Clean and clear waters

It also debunks one of the myths of sailing in Croatia:

  • There are no secluded spots left to anchor

So, without further ado, enjoy this gorgeous video and just take an extra minute to pause over the aerial shots of the crystalline waters…

Now, are you ready to come sailing in Croatia?




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