When Hvar Freezes Over, with Images

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Yes, the sunniest spot in Croatia has indeed been frozen over this week, with a lovely white blanket transforming the landscape

Locals are thrilled too, snapping away to document the event which will soon melt away. The toughest chore on Hvar these days is simply getting around, with many roads and streets icy, as firefighters issued warnings of unnecessary travel.

Here are some snapshots that prove Hvar can have winter tourism as well:

debora bunčuga jelsa1.jpg

Jelsa by Debora Bunčuga.

debora bunčuga jelsa.jpg

Jelsa by Debora Bunčuga.


Jelsa by Jelsa Tourism Board.

jelsa snijeg2.jpg

Jelsa by Jelsa Tourism Board.

jelsa snijeg1.jpg

Jelsa by Jelsa Tourism Board.


Hvar by Jelsa Tourism Board.


Hvar by Ipcamlive.

Ita Marijan vrboska.jpg

Vrboska by Ita Marijan.


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