Poliklinika Drinković Winner of Easter Regatta

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Helmsman Luka Jerčić and crew of the sailboat Poliklinika Drinković, owned by Ivan Drinković, with an important role played by Croatian Olympian Ivan Kljaković Gašpić, are the winners of the 22nd Easter Regatta

On the second and third day of the Regatta only two sailings were held due to overly strong winds. Winners from four groups in the qualifications went on to the finale, sailed on identical X sailboats, procured by the Nautika Centar Nava company. The final three races on identical boats were returned this year to the Easter Regatta program, in order to find the winner in the fairest way.

After earning a spot in the finals with a qualification win at the last moment, the crew of the Poliklinika Drinković had a poor start of the final competition, taking last place in the first race. Tonko Rameša was the winner, and Mario Kundih was second. However, Jerčić won the second race, Kundih was second again and Rameša third, so the final third race offered a chance to all three crews. Nikola Dešković, winner of the Open Racer group was the only competitor without a chance for victory.


Rameša and Kundih started out better in the final race, but Jerčić trailed close and advanced steadily – first by overtaking Kundih downwind, and then at the end of the second sailing passing Rameša upwind. However, in the second race towards the finish in Hvar harbor, Rameša did the nearly impossible and used a gust of wind to pass Jerčić and build an advantage of five lengths. But, he did not defend the high wind route and sailed his gennaker straight to the finish. Jurčić removed his gennaker and with the jib chose the high route and in the last fifty meters slowly, but surely overtook Rameša to win. Bravo for the Split crew, and congratulations to last year’s winner Rameša for the finishing suspense. Mario Kundih took third and Nikola Dešković fourth place.


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