Sailing as It Once Was: Old Postcards from Palmizana

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One of the most popular sailing destinations on the Adriatic is the stunning collection of islands in front of Hvar Town, known as the Pakleni Islands. They are an extraodinarily varied group of islands, full of idyllic coves and bays, and here once can find such diversity as a Roman mud bath, CNN’s top naturist resort in the world, an eco-ethno island which until recently had a sole inhabitant, Mercedes the Donkey, one of the Adriatic’s top beach clubs, and even an island which a previous mayor suggested renaming Facebook.

And Palmizana.

The name Palmizana, on the largest of the islands, Sveti Klement, has been synonymous will quality sailing tourism since 1906, when the Meneghello family first opened its doors to tourism, a full five years before Jelsa had a hotel, despite being on an island with no electricity or water.

Since those inaugural days, Palmizana has been a byword for peace and tranquillity, attracting some of the world’s top celebrities, who enjoy the relaxed anonymity of the bay on the south of the island. It was here that Bono came for THAT lunch last summer.

The Meneghello family have continued the tourism tradition in fine style over the years, adding an arboretum, art gallery and rich cultural programme to the outstanding culinary and accommodation offer, and today’s Palmizana looks very different to that of yesteryear.

Some delightful photos from the Meneghello archives – sailing on the Adriatic as it once was.


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