Konoba Maha, Korčula: Genuine Hospitality

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Konoba Maha is the definition of hospitality, one night in the company of brothers Ivan and Jakša and you will feel like family. If travelling to Korčula, put this on your list.

Korčula is a beautiful island and a highlight on most sailing itineraries between Split and Dubrovnik. Korčula town is the main attraction on the island, known for its medieval old town with fortified walls – dubbed the mini-Dubrovnik by many. The town itself is a treasure trove of architecture and history, meandering the 26 cobbled streets in the old town will keep you busy for an afternoon; then as the sun begins to set, where to you set your sights to eat?

While Korčula town is beautiful and filled with gorgeous little shops and restaurants tucked down every alleyway, it can be rather busy. So, if you are looking for a relaxed, unique dining experience, maybe you should look just out of Korčula, 8 km out, to be exact.

I first came across Konoba Maha three years ago as a hostess aboard a yacht. I was always hunting for new restaurants with a unique atmosphere or experience. As I have mentioned before, it is not always easy to find this when you are visiting all of the highlight attractions along the Adriatic coast and are battling with thousands of other tourists; while there is fine dining and exquisite cuisine, I wanted that little bit extra…

Then, I stepped inside the Konoba Maha Ranch. First, let’s talk about the drive, I booked my guests into the restaurant for the evening and the owners organised transport for us to and from the restaurant. Now, I don’t usually like taking people somewhere I haven’t personally eaten myself, but as the restaurant is a short drive out of Korčula I didn’t have the opportunity to just ‘pop in’ and try it out for myself, so I was hoping for the best. I was a little apprehensive, after all, my job was to create an unforgettable experience for our guests – what if the restaurant was a massive let-down and I was the one who recommended it?


Credit: Tash Pericic

The drive there helped to put my mind at ease, as we climbed away from Korčula, we were left with a stunning view over the town before we disappeared and wound our way along a lush green road. Then, 10-minutes later, we were there. The word Ranch is right, it felt like something between an authentic Croatian Konoba meets a country-style ranch; with a bursting garden, stone buildings, rustic furniture and cute red table cloths… it felt worlds apart from the bustling town of Korčula, with nothing and no one else around…

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Copyright: Majam, Konoba Maha Official Page

Ok, first impressions were good, but it got better. We were greeted by two large, jolly, bearded brothers – Jakša and Ivan, who towered over the cutest table set with prosecco, rakija and different liqueurs waiting for us. The best greeting, I have ever had in a restaurant. Needless to say, the rest of the night carried on in a similar fashion.


Credit: Tash Pericic

I had pre-ordered peka – a traditional dish: lamb, pork, veal or octopus slow cooked in a cast-iron dome with olive oil, vegetables and herbs, under slow-burning embers. We got a veal peka and an octopus peka for the group.

maha 6.jpg

Copyright: Martin Gross, Konoba Maha Official Page – Peka under the embers.

To begin, we had an antipasti platter with their homemade cheeses, sausage, pršut and vegetables – straight from their garden. The pršut came hung out on a darling little board with a ‘washing line’. Adorable.

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What I love about their menu is the fact that it is very simple. They offer a few sharing platters for starters, mains you can have fresh fish, steaks, lamb – all generally done on the grill; or you can opt for house-made pastas, including the famous Korčula macaroni (with a history dating back 500 years).

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Their drinks list follows suit, offering four whites, four reds and a handful of aperitifs. They pride themselves on not selling soft drinks or fries (pomfrits) with their meals.

We were lucky when we went to the restaurant, as it was the beginning of the season, so we had the place to ourselves, so you would think that we got special treatment, right? Wrong. Every time I have returned, I have been welcomed and given the kindest, most genuine hospitality. How many restaurants do you get to stand by the fire and watch your food cooking and then presented to you?

And did you notice the sounds in the background? Nothing but the cicada’s rhythmic song, filling the air of a balmy summer night…

Dinner was divine. While the food is excellent quality and all home-grown, dining at Konoba Maha, is not so much about the food, as the atmosphere and experience. Jakša and Ivan are so passionate about what they do and their big booming laughs are absolutely contagious.

When you walk into Maha and are in the company of Jakša and Ivan, you feel like family. Our night was filled with way too much food, wine and most of all laughter.

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Copyright: Majam, Konoba Maha Official Page

Do yourself a favour, if you are visiting the island of Korčula, spend a night at Maha, it will be some of your fondest memories.

And, just in case this wasn’t enough, check out their video below to feel the ambience of Maha (side note: Johnny Cash as the playlist instead of cheesy elevator music, brilliant).

For more information, visit their website or LIKE their Facebook.


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