Jet-Ski Driver Repeatedly Speeds Too Close to Shore, Danger to Swimmers

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It’s not the first time we’re reporting on reckless behaviour of people operating boats and jet-skis, and the sad truth is, it probably won’t be the last time this summer.

A reader of Dulist sent in a video filmed on Slađenovići beach near Slano, showing a man speeding away on a jet-ski. There wouldn’t be anything wrong with that in theory, if he didn’t decide to hit full speed dangerously close to the shore. You can see how many people were swimming nearby – only luck kept him from running over someone, as he wouldn’t have been able to see anyone coming around one of the dinghies in time.

This supposedly isn’t the first time the same person is behaving in such an appalling manner, as the same reader stated he tried calling the emergency number 112 and the Port Authority, but no one reacted so far.

“You can’t see the registration number on the jet-ski, and it’s been dragged here by a foreign citizen who’s repeatedly committing offence. Something has to be done soon, before an accident happens and it’s too late. I don’t understand why the Port Authority can’t come to the site and penalise the culprit, as just a few days ago they announced how many fines they gave out for offences at sea. We’re located far from the centre, so alas, anyone can do whatever they want…” wrote the reader bitterly.


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