Croatian Island Spotlight: Silba

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So, you’ve been wanting to go sailing in Croatia for a long time now?  Or you’ve recently come across stunning images of Croatian islands? Whatever the case, you’ve probably had a hard time picking which island to visit. Croatia has over a thousand islands, islets rock and reefs, 48 of which are inhabited islands, and 670 uninhabited. With this new series of articles, we’re aiming to provide the necessary information and inspiration to guide you in your journey across the Croatian coast.


Silba Island

Silba is a beautiful wooded island in North Dalmatia, located 10 miles SE of Lošinj island between the islands of Premuda and Olib. Being the northernmost of Dalmatian islands, along with Olib and Premuda, Silba is often described as “The Gates of Dalmatia”. The small island of Silba mainly survives on fishing and tourism, largely yachting tourism, and it’s deservedly popular during the summer season because of its safe port and beautiful beaches. However, it’s still considered an unknown destination for many boaters. The only settlement on the island is a small village of the same name. According to the latest population census in 2011, the island has only 292 permanent residents.

All motorized traffic has been banned from the island except for few agricultural vehicles, so the whole island is a pedestrian zone.


Getting there


The island is located fairly far from the mainland. You can visit the island of Silba by chartering a boat, taking a catamaran from Zadar or Pula or by your own boat if you have one.  If you decide to take your own or charter a boat, be careful when sailing close to the islands as there are many reefs and shoals.

There are two Jadrolinija cataraman lines connecting the island of Silba with the mainland:

  • Zadar – Krijal (Premuda) – Silba – Olib
  • Pula – Unije – Susak – Mali Lošinj – Ilovik – Silba – Zadar

The price of a one-way ticket in high season (summer) is around HRK 100 per person (approx. 15 EUR), and HRK 65-80 (20 EUR) during the rest of the year.

The catamaran to Silba docks in Žalić, and takes approximately an hour and a half to reach from Zadar, and around 4 and a half to reach from Pula. You can check the timetable for 2017 here.

For more information, visit the official Jadrolinija website.



The island’s only settlement, Silba is situated in the narrowest part of the island between two ports: Žalić port (Luka Žalić) on the west coast, and Mul port (Luka Mul or Luka Silba) on the east coast of the island. Visiting yachts can moor in either in Mul port, which has around 30 berths or on the W side in Žalić port, which is mainly occupied by local boats.

For more detailed information about berthing space click here.



For those looking for privacy and a Robinson Crusoe-like adventure will fall in love with this island. There is little to do in Silba; you can discover hidden coves and beaches, stroll the numerous pathways on the island, swim in the crystal-clear turquoise sea or enjoy the quiet charm of the village. Make sure you climb up Silba’s most popular landmark – Toreta, an impressive octagonal lookout tower with a spiral staircase –  and enjoy the wonderful view of the surrounding islands.

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The most beautiful beach on Silba is Sotorišće, a sandy beach located close to the harbour of Mul, where you can anchor your boat and enjoy the stunningly clear water.

TZ Zadarska županija

So, still not sure where to go sailing in Croatia?




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