Colours of Croatia: The Deep Blues of Mljet (Photos)

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There is a reason they say ‘a picture paints a thousand words’, which is exactly why we plan on sharing more photos captured through the unique lens of local or visiting photographers in Croatia. Today we are sharing photos from Ivana and Igor Nobilo – the deep blues of Mljet.

Mother Nature really found her groove when she took to painting the canvas of Croatia. The tangerine skies, turquoise waters, rich-red rocks, pine-covered coast… It is no surprise that Croatia has a wealth of artists; with inspiration everywhere you look, it is almost impossible not to feel moved. What better way to celebrate this, than with a colour series.

Dalmatia, in particular, has a special place in my heart. Everyone gushes about nature the second I mention being from New Zealand, but Dalmatia holds me just as enchanted. After five years here, I can honestly say, there is not one day that goes by, where I do not stop to take in a sunset, or the colour of the water…

After sailing the Adriatic, every destination holds its own charm or appeal. Mljet is one of those places; there is something about that island which makes me feel a deep sense of peace the second I arrive. The emerald greens of the foliage, the hypnotising blues of the water… It is no wonder Odysseus found himself ‘trapped’ here for seven years. I could easily lose myself in Mljet – a world unto itself.

When I saw Igor and Ivana’s photos, I was instantly mesmerised; it was as if they discovered and captured the magic I always knew existed there. But, this is enough words from me, time to let the photos do the talking…

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If you want to see Croatia differently and discover the magic hiding just below the surface, consider taking a Photo Tour of Croatia, check out their page here.

All photos courtesy and copyright of Ivana and Igor Nobilo.


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