Adriatic WiFi Solutions: Meet RoamfreeNinja

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One of the joys of sailing, of course, is the chance to escape the stress and pressures of the modern world, to switch off communications away from the crowds and truly enjoy the spectacular nature of the Adriatic.

But this is the modern world, and there are few people who can truly switch off from the Internet, email or social media for an extended period. So how do you sail the Adriatic and keep in touch with the rest of civilisation while sailing?

A young Croatian startup has been delighting tourists with its fabulous portable WiFi service for two years now, and as RoamfreeNinja enters its third summer in Croatia, more and more of its portable devices can be spotted up and down the coast. TCS sent one of our writers off for a week sailing from Split around the Dalmatian islands with Green Sail this week, Ninja in hand, tasking her with uploading photos and videos along the route. One little Ninja was all that was needed to do the trick. Apart from a couple of black spots, the device worked perfectly all week, allowing this boss to ensure that she was producing her daily quota. Thanks, Ninja!

So what exactly is RoamfreeNinja and what does it do? It is a small black device, smaller than a phone, so easily stored in a pocket. The device is a personal hotspot covering everywhere in Croatia, and it can connect ten devices at any one time. With a weekly allowance of 75GB at a speed of 21.5MBS, there is plenty of speedy juice to satisfy the needs of even the thirstiest of online users.

With WiFi an issue for sailors (unless you have one of those very big boats), RoamfreeNinja is understandably popular with tourists heading out to sea, but it is also very useful elsewhere as well. Are you travelling in a group around Croatia? One device for ten of you – say goodbye to roaming charges, and say hello to fast and reliable Internet. A family driving through Croatia? YouTube videos for the kids on the back seat will enable the journey to pass more peacefully.

One of the other things that sets Team Ninja apart in my dealings with them has been their outstanding customer service. One of the most responsive Croatian companies I have ever come across, their customer service matches their fantastic product. Pre-order by credit card, and your Ninja will be mailed or couriered to your hotel, yacht or other starting point in Croatia. A pre-paid envelope to return the device can be posted or left with your conceierge. Simple and efficient, just like the device itself.

Learn more about the WiFi freedom available with RoamfreeNinja on their official website.


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