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Yacht Supply: Tips on How to Shop for Your Sailing Adventure

You’re coming sailing in Croatia and you’ve opted to fend for yourself, here are a few tips on how to shop for your sailing holiday.

It is no secret that Croatia has incredible food and produce and the famous Mediterranean diet that keeps the locals looking young and healthy. This is exactly what you can look forward to on your sailing holiday in Croatia. But let’s speak about the basics first.

Photo Credit: Tash Pericic

 Meal Planning

Speak to any sailor, being organised on a boat and at sea is crucial, even if this is a week of recreational sailing, a little pre-planning goes a long way. Think in advance about your menu, plan meals that are easy to prepare – no one wants to be slaving away in a kitchen all day when they could be swimming or exploring. Break down your meals into breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Breakfast: cereals, bread, marmalade, butter, ham, cheese, eggs, milk, fruit.

Breakfast is relatively simple, a continental-style breakfast approach will please most.

Lunch & Dinner: Salads, pastas, rice, beans, tuna, meat, chicken…

Lunch and dinner requires a little more thought and preparation, but also, think about how meals can be made to double up – i.e. if you make a tomato soup one meal, remaining soup could transform into the base for a kickass ragu or tomato-based pasta the next. Leftover chicken and vegetables, could be turned into a cold salad the next day. There are loads of different meal ideas and you can look forward to us bringing you more in-depth ideas throughout the season, but for now, our advice is – plan.

Snacks: chips (crisps), crackers, muesli bars, sweets, nuts, dried fruit…

I don’t know what it is about being at sea, but I am eternally hungry when sailing, snacks are an absolute must.

Credit: Tash Pericic


This question is obviously relative, as it depends on how many people you are sailing with and the extent of their appetites. However, the rule of thumb I was taught in my days as a cook, was 100 – 120 grams of meat, pasta, vegetables per person, per meal. Regardless, it never hurts to have more dry goods and non-perishables than you need, the rest you can buy along the way.

To begin with we recommend stocking up on items like – pasta, canned goods, flour, rice, potatoes, olive oil, dressings, cereals, water, wine & beer (crucial)…

Cleaning Products: rubbish bags, hand soap, dish washing liquid, cloths etc.

It seems obvious to mention, but this is something often overlooked when doing the first shop.

Photo credit: Farmview Market

 Local Supermarkets and Markets

While stocking up on the basics is important, don’t panic, the beauty of sailing in Croatia is that there are so many stunning islands and destinations, so you are never far from land – or food. Depending on your itinerary, you will most likely be able to head to the local supermarkets and markets almost every day, so only purchase perishables as and when you need them.

Keep an eye out for Tommy, Studenac or Konzum, which are the main Croatian supermarkets. Prices vary slightly between the islands, so this is why it is best to do the bulk of your shopping on the mainland. However, at sea, one of my favourite parts of the day, was visiting the local Pazar (local markets) in the morning to get fresh fruit and vegetables. You will also find fish markets in many destinations – from the large fish market in Split (a must-see if visiting split) to fishermen selling their fresh catch close to small ports and harbours. Bakeries are aplenty everywhere – so you will get your fix of fresh bread and pastries every day. Try the local burek for a savoury breakfast option – guzzled down with yogurt like the locals.

When anchored in bays, it is also not uncommon to see small boats pottering around filled with fresh fruit, produce and bread, ready to sell to those who don’t wish to venture to land – just be prepared to pay at least twice the price!

Pazar in Split

Go Online

If you are the modern-day sort and prefer to shop online, this option is also available.

Jam Yacht Supply

Jam Yacht Supply have an extensive online catalogue, from the absolute basics to the higher-end products. Shopping online has the advantage of being able to sit and really plan and visualise what you need. Like any other online shop, you simply add the items to your cart, proceed to checkout, pay and all orders over 100 euro receive free delivery.

The Yacht Pantry

The Yacht Pantry specialises in supply to Luxury Yachts, they have been operating for 10 years and have grown a strong reputation for excellence. The husband and wife duo who run this company live in Croatia and have developed personal relationships with their suppliers, as well as an impressive portfolio and offering of international products and brands in their “import to order” catalogue. So, if you are after some of the finer things in life and value quality, this is where to turn.