Spotted: Dolphins Enjoy a Swim at Firule Bay (Video)

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by Daniela Rogulj,

Because everyone loves a good dolphin story.

Considering I live just steps away from Firule Beach, almost any news coming from the area is newsworthy to me. 

While there isn’t much news to come from the area other than the noise from new club Zenta, on October 5, 2017, the Firule neighborhood was able to share a story that would put a smile on 99.9% of people’s faces.

This morning at Firule Bay, as we welcomed quieter crowds and waved the busy summer season goodbye, a group of dolphins were spotted swimming not so far from shore.

The sight delighted both tourists and locals who were stopped in their tracks to take in this post-season moment of serenity. Croatian media was quick to jump on the story as well. 

Here’s a closer look. 

Can we hear you say, “aww”?


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