The First Bibinje Kite Open StartsTomorrow

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The beach of Lipauska in Bibinje will be swarming with skilled surfers who will compete at the first kite regatta organized by the Windsurfing Club Bibinje tomorrow, July 16th, reports

Numerous participants will compete in three disciplines, Twin Type Slalom, Hydrofoil Slalom Fun Race and Hang Time. All under the watchful eye of the jury.

“Thanks to the sponsors who supported us because owing to them we have prepared valuable awards. Whoever comes first will be richly awarded three thousand kunas, the second place is awarded two thousand kunas, and for the third place, we have prepared a prize in the amount of one thousand kunas.We want the regatta to be a really pleasant gathering, which is what guided us since the very beginning of the regatta organization. This is why we have prepared a barbecue for visitors and animation programme with hosts and DJs, with the idea that it all looks like one great big beach party! We also believe that the regatta will also be very interesting and attractive to all visitors,” explains one of the Windsurfing Club Bibinje members.

The Club is taking a fun approach in attracting social media attention to the event as well, by posting news that “ćaća” Ivo Sanader and one of the most popular behinds these days, the one belonging to singer Lidija Bačić, will also be attending the event.

“We are trying to be up to date with the events, and it was never our intention to offend the aforementioned. It was all for the purpose of better promoting our regatta”, said one of the organisers, Vatroslav Vuković, designer and copywriter of the now famous KJD Bibinje memes.

All interested can still register via this website here or on the day of the competition. Registration fee is 50 kunas. Apart from the competition and the entertaining activities, the organisers have also come up with an educational programme for visitors to learn more about kiteboarding and get acquainted with the necessary gear.

You can follow the Facebook Page of KJD Bibinje, attend the event by clicking here or watch them in action in a fun video below.


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