St. Michael's Fortress on Ugljan Island From Above [video]

We’ve recently shown you a webcam peek into life on Ugljan island, and we’re back with some more footage from the gorgeous destination near Zadar.

The municipality of Preko on Ugljan reestablished legal power over St. Michael’s Fortress in 2016. The fortress measures 265 metres in height, and was built by Venetians in the 12th century in order to have greater control over Zadar channel. The fort provides a view of the entire Zadar’s archipelago.

It’s a protected cultural monument that Preko municipality aims to restore using EU funds, but all plans are on hold until the 80m transmitter antenna that’s been installed at the fortress after the Homeland war is moved to another location.

Wishing for the structure that’s defacing a cultural monument to be removed as soon as possible, Preko Tourist Board published a video showing what the fortress looks like from above.

Fingers crossed for the upcoming restoration project – take a look at the video below:


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