Sailing in Croatia: 7 Day Gulet Cruise with Orvas Yachting

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March 12, 2018; Want to come sailing in Croatia on a 7-day cruise but are wondering which yacht or Charter company to book with? 7-day gulet cruises are becoming increasingly popular and Orvas Yachting have a wealth of experience and knowledge to help you create the perfect holiday.

Five years ago, Croatia was still very unknown in terms of a holiday destination. Now, the world is gushing over Croatia’s islands and crystal-clear waters. What better way to experience it, than by sailing the gorgeous coastline on your very own yacht?

I first came into contact with gulets in Croatia when I worked on a gorgeous 120-foot luxury gulet four years ago. I was amazed by the level of comfort, space and service; and, week after week, so were our guests. If you want a holiday that is more about comfort with a touch of luxury and excellent service, then gulets might just be for you.

I wanted to find out a little more about gulets from a charter company’s perspective, so I spoke with Orvas yachting and here’s what they had to say

How long have you been working with gulets?

We have been working with gulets in Croatia since 2006, so we can say that we have been active on the market from the very beginning. When it first started, the gulet market looked quite messy, so it was great to be at the forefront and part of the development that led all of us to where we are today. During this time, we have really had a chance to learn a lot and see this kind of holiday from both the client and crew perspective.

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Who do gulets suit?

Whenever there is an enquiry for some kind of crewed yacht charter, we always try to recommend gulets. They really suit anyone – families, groups of friends, couples… Basically, gulets are suitable for different types of groups since they are very diverse. The point is to match certain groups of guests with the most suitable gulet; there are many factors which determine this and this is where our knowledge and experience comes into play.

This is a point to emphasise because it isn’t just about placing groups on the first available gulet with the right number of cabins or pushing gulets in general. The point is to study each request and use our knowledge to offer the best boat for the specific guest experience.

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Relaxing in many of the different areas

What are some of the benefits of a gulet vs a sailing yacht or catamaran?

Firstly, gulets have a permanent crew, who know the boat intimately which also means that you can trust that you are in safe hands. It is also a personalised service, in particular, you will get a great gourmet experience, as the food is adjusted to the group’s individual preferences.

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Gorgeous cuisine aboard

Gulets have more space and comfort than a sailing yacht or catamaran. There are various areas around the boat for lounging, relaxing and enjoying. The size of the gulet also means it normally has more in terms of entertainment – i.e. water toys: jet ski, water skis, kayak, SUP… The cabins are also a lot more spacious and comfortable, all cabins have en-suite and plenty of storage – which is not the case on many yachts and catamarans.

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Typical twin or double bed rooms on a gulet, left: Queen of the Adriatiac, right: gulet Andi Star

In terms of a charter experience, there is a very strong focus on client satisfaction. There is a lot more preparation that is involved for a gulet cruise than for a catamaran charter. When making a gulet booking, we are included in the pre-cruise, during the cruise and after-cruise process; this is why we regularly have satisfied and return clients.

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Salon inside a gulet

Why do you personally recommend gulets?

For me, this is the best holiday in the world – you have your own private space, friendly crew, great food and are able to explore the best destinations in Croatia. – Filip Mladin

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Why should people choose to book with Orvas Yachting?

We pride ourselves on keeping very good relations with gulet owners which in turn means we know what we are offering to our guests. As mentioned above, because we know the gulets, owners and crew, we can match our clients to a boat that suits them, rather than our clients having to adjust their expectations to suit the boat. We are passionate about gulets and because of this, our clients receive the best, personalised attention. This is probably the most important thing, our service is not automated, it is personal which is extremely important when booking a crewed yacht charter.

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Fun with water toys

What have some of your clients said about their gulet experience?

“The gulet (Anamarija) was really lovely and comfortable with a superb crew – very able and helpful and made us feel very relaxed and spoilt, with delicious food carefully presented. The captain gave us lots of ideas for dinner and took us to beautiful secluded bays as well as stopping off at interesting islands and sights. The owner of the gulet who met us on each Saturday couldn’t have been more charming and welcoming. It was definitely one of our most memorable holidays…”  – Francesca, UK

“The word “Altair” in Arabic means “bird” and we truly had a flying time with the beautiful weather and great crew of gulet Altair as led by our Captain Dare and our great chef Tomo with the assistance of the capable Mateo. This was an unforgettable week for our family and we will definitely repeat it hopefully with this same crew.”  – Srouji and Zaru families (Qatar)

“Absolutely loved our trip on gulet Libra. The boat was in excellent condition and the crew was fantastic. We were very pleasantly surprised by how the food was on the boat. We highly recommend the entire trip.” – Steve, US.

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Final words

There you have it, some words thanks to Orvas yachting about gulets and why they recommend them. After firsthand experience, I can agree with everything that is written above; the main highlights of a 7-day gulet cruise in Croatia are space, comfort and excellent, personalised service – both from the charter company and crew.

It is also worth mentioning the price, while a €14,000 – €24,000 price tag sounds hefty for a week sailing, just think, this is normally split between 10 – 14 people. Let’s say the medium range is €20,000 for 12 people, this is only €1,600 per person and this includes comfortable accommodation (with ever-changing scenery), breakfast and lunch (half-board) and round-the-clock attention and service from your dedicated crew. You would pay more in a 5-star resort and not have the joy and beauty of anchoring in your own private bay, exploring a new destination every day or a menu created to suit your specific tastes.

All in all, if you are after a holiday for your family or group of friends that will leave you with lasting memories, consider booking a 7-day gulet cruise in Croatia.

For more information on gulet cruises click here or visit Orvas Yachting here.

All photos courtesy of Orvas Yachting.


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