Discover Dalmatia Close Up: Stunning Sea Kayaking Tours with And Adventure

Want to escape the crowds and discover the real Dalmatia close up? Rough Guides named sea kayaking as one of the 17 unmissable things in Croatia. And if you have not tried it yet, here is what you are missing. One of the great things about tourism in Croatia is its diversity. Over the seven years I...

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Good Morning from Barbariga! Live Webcam Action from Istria


Set halfway between the popular destinations of Rovinj and Pula, Barbariga offers olive groves and Mediterranean flora, with accommodation in a quiet and clean village, almost traffic-less. This makes it one of the most popular destinations for families with children. Click on the photo to see what...

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Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior III Visiting Rijeka Next Week

We're witnessing a growing number of eco-friendly events and intiatives on the Adriatic coast each week: there have been numerous beach clean-ups recently, hard-working volunteer divers are cleaning seabeds, and now we're headed for another environmentally conscious event. The legendary Greenpeace...

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Museum Lapidarium in Novigrad: a Museum for a New Age

I'm an art historian. Any mention of a museum will probably get my attention – even those the general public might consider boring or at least unattractive, us art nerds will want to check out. However, even from the point of view where every place is worth taking a look around, everyone has their...

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6am on Hvar, Harvesting Lavender with Jadran Lazic: Stunning!

The island of Hvar is famous for many things, including its lavender. An early start for TCN on July 6, 2017, as we lend a hand with celebrated photographer Jadran Lazic for the most aromatic activity of all - the annual lavender harvest. There are not many people who can get me out of bed at 04:30...

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Where Do Chefs Find Their Inspiration on a Yacht?

Ever wondered if Chefs on yachts manage to find new inspiration for their menus year after year or if they stick to what they know? Follow the day in the life of a chef's inspiration. It’s Saturday morning. Today is our busiest day of the week, our guests disembark at 9am and new guests arrive at...

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Eva LaRue Delighted by Island Šolta and Martinis Marchi

On the 25th June, 2017, model and actress Eva LaRue visited Martinis Marchi Hotel on island Šolta in her role as ambassador for the Stories Hotels. Eva LaRue is an American-born model and actress most known for her roles in All My Children and CSI: Miami. At the end of June, she came to Croatia...

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Let Us Create a Perfect Sailing Experience in Croatia

From learning to sail to taking part in one of the many Adriatic regattas, to a sunset sailing cruise or a full-blown 2-week tour of the magic of the Adriatic, please contact us with your individual needs. With contacts in almost every port and a network of partners which spans the entire Croatian coast and islands, let Total Croatia Sailing be your one-stop shop for your 2017 sailing needs in Croatia. Let us create your perfect sailing experience in Croatia.

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