Good Morning from Račišće! Live Webcam Action from the Northern Shore of Korčula


A serene location at any time of year, Račišće village occupies a bay west of Korčula town, a sort of dead end for those driving to it. This provides a peaceful and isolated environment, perfect for relaxation, especially on two secluded beaches close by. Click on the photo to see a view of the...

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7 Sustainable Tips at Sea

All of what I am about to say may seem glaringly obvious, but the fact is not, everyone follows these. So here are some basic tips to be more environmentally friendly while you are sailing the Adriatic. 1. ‘Black Water’ Don’t empty your waste water in harbours, near the shore or in any nature...

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Croatia in History: Port of Rijeka in the 50s

This is what I see when I look out the window of my apartment in Rijeka:   A stunning sight, isn't it? Yet when I send a similar photo to my grandfather who's an experienced seafarer, his remarks always turn out to be nostalgic, longing for the age when the business was booming and you couldn't...

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Gorgeous Aerial Footage of Vir Island

Nobody can resist some good drone footage if the said drone was sent flying over any of the islands or coastal towns in Croatia. Shots of charming old villages, long golden stripes of sandy beaches, endless surfaces of mesmerising hues of blue.. the thought itself instantly sends you typing 'Croatia...

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Nobody Can Charge You to Use a Beach in Croatia... Legally Speaking

The way the Croatian Parliament adopted the new Law on Concessions caused a public uproar in recent days. The voting on the law was postponed last month after a chain of protests organised by the Island Movement Initiative on the coast and in Zagreb, but the law was again included in the voting...

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Sunset Cruise with Polaris: A Perfect Way to Spend an Evening (Video)

Sunset cruise with Polaris in Split, is the perfect way to spend a unique evening in Split. Having lived in Croatia for two years now, I must admit that I barely pay a second thought to the tours I see along the Riva, thinking – surely, they are just for tourists. Since writing for Total Croatia...

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Split in History: Picigin on Bačvice (1923)

Picigin is a favorite Split game that was created on the sandy beach of Bačvice somewhere around 1923. Who invented the game, we still do not know today. The game is played throughout the year by the young and old, men and women, and is simple enough for everyone to enjoy.  Picigin is played in a...

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