Hungarian Crew Wins Regatta on Vis

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Credit: Yachting Club Host

Female crews marked the International Women’s Days.

The Hungarian crew Penge VSE, with Annamaria Sabjan at the helm, was the winner of the fourth edition of the Historical Mediterranean Gathering of Women regatta, organised by the Host Yachting Club from Vis as part of the International Women’s Day celebrations.

This year, seven female crews from five countries gathered on the island of Vis. On Friday and Saturday, they sailed six races using identical First 35 sailboats. The regatta was not a classic Match Race type, but a Triple Race, with three crews sailing simultaneously.

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The Hungarian crew was by far the best, winning all the races. The second place was won by the Quaka Sailing Team Women’s Edition from Split, with Ana Zelić at the helm. This was the crew’s first appearance at the women’s regatta on Vis.

The three-time winner of the regatta, the Frapa Sailing Team with Tihana Tadinac at the helm, was third this year.

All photos courtesy of Yachting Club Host


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