Dream Adriatic Wedding Destinations: A Boat in Mali Iz Harbour

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July 2, 2018 – Getting married, Dalmatian island style. 

For some, it is the big church wedding, expensive marquee catering and chauffeur-driven car.

For others, it is about celebrating their love in the local surroundings they call home. 

Welcome to the marriage ceremony, Mali Iz style. 


Congratulations to TCN writer Joe Orovic and his lovely new wife Tina Rokov, who married on Saturday in a simple ceremony on a boat in Mali Iz harbour, in front of 200 guests and quite a few tourists, who were charmed by the unusual choice of wedding location. We wish you all the very best. 

Getting married, Mali Iz style, is a rather different experience altogether, I understand, and one which Joe will be telling us more about once he has got used to the new regime in his life. 








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