Adrenaline Hvar: Are You Brave Enough for the Vertical Via Ferrata?

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June 11, 2018 – The island of Hvar is growing its reputation as an adventure tourism destination. Meet the newest addition, but only for the brave. 

One of my favourite people in Croatia is a young lady called Vese from Jelsa, who I have known now for about seven years. 

Full of positive attitudes and creative ideas, she is one of those people who prefer to get on and do this rather than sit in cafes and complain about life. 

If I had half the attitude to healthy life and living that she has, I would probably be half my size and live to be 200. 

Vese’s idea of a quiet relaxing day is to hop on a bike and cycle 50km, while mine is a couple of cold ones in the local cafe. 


I will admit to living my life a little vicariously through Vese. Seeing her mountain of energy on Facebook somehow makes me feel healthier as I order another beer from the waiter. 

But sometimes she tries things a little too crazy for me to contemplate, such as today, as she was road testing the newest adrenaline attraction on Hvar – the Via Ferrata climbing route in Sveta Nedjelja, one of the many adrenaline activities Vese offers on Hvar and in Split through her excellent agency, AndAdventure. Now THAT is vertical.  


Rock climbing on Hvar is gaining in popularity each year, and if you are looking for unsurpassed views of the Adriatic from some of the island’s most hidden spots, it is hard to beat the sheer cliffs where climbing is popular. Sveta Nedjelja is the main centre for rock climbing, but Velika Stiniva on the northern shore east of Jelsa is also popular, and you can even climb close to Hvar Town for unbeatable views of the historic centre. 

Rather you than me, I am terrified of heights. Waiter!

AndAdventure offers rock climbing on Hvar and also from its base in Split, where there is some VERY interesting climbing to be enjoyed on Marjan, a short walk from the centre. There aren’t many cities where you can climb by rock churches just minutes on foot from the centre of a major European city. Check that out in the video below, and learn more about the adrenaline offer from AndAdventure.  


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